What we do

What we do


MISA Swaziland seeks to foster a free, independent and diverse media through advocacy, monitoring, capacity building, training, and distributing information in the service of democracy and development in Swaziland.

Media monitoring

MISA Swaziland conducts daily media monitoring and maintains links with a number of sources to identify, document and publicise incidents where free speech has been violated, as well as victories that improve free expression in Swaziland.

We publish violations and victories alerts, news stories, opinion pieces and analysis of specific issues.


MISA Swaziland strives for a media environment where media workers are competent, critical, accountable, sensitive to gender and aware of their responsibility to society.

We support this by providing training for journalists and editors, students, civil society, and new media and citizen journalists.

Some of our past training courses included how to report on elections, how to accurately and ethically report stories involving children, and helping civil society leaders communicate in the media.


MISA Swaziland conducts regular research on matters of media freedom, freedom of speech, and on more specific topics such as how the local media is reporting on the national interest story of HIV/AIDS and the pro-democracy movement.


MISA strives for a free, independent and diverse media sector. There is much work to do in Swaziland, where the media is far from free, independent and diverse.

For example, there are many laws in Swaziland that restrict media freedom, such as the Suppression of Terrorism Act 2008, which stifles free speech and freedom of association. Advocacy, therefore, is central to our existence.

Our advocacy program works to build coalitions of people and organisations who will support MISA’s vision for a free media and join us in lobbing against laws and regulations that restrict free expression.